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Week 3



The purpose of follow-up weekend is to acknowledge support of parishioners, share positive remarks submitted online and through the commitment cards, and to promote online giving.


Be sure to:

  • Thank parishioners for their commitments

  • Read a few of the positive impact statements that were submitted (consider having a member of the parish read the statements)

  • Remind parishioners that there is still time to participate

  • Outline benefits to parish and individual for giving online

  • Provide direct link to OPF landing page and encourage online

  • Commit to keep parishioners regularly updated of the financial status of the parish in a weekly stewardship corner in the bulletin

Social Media Post 



Theme – Our People

Question – Have you witnessed an act of service that positively affected you or your faith community?




Two weekends ago, we kicked off our annual stewardship initiative – Our Path Forward. Last weekend we held Commitment Weekend and experienced a great level of support and generosity from YOU! Thank you!


If you did not have the opportunity to participate, there is still time. You may pick up a commitment form in our church, visit (insert link) or to make your commitment.


For those of you who did fill out a commitment card, please consider fulfilling your offertory commitment via online giving. You can access this convenient and easy method to give by visiting (include link) to set up your regular contributions. Paperless contributions are a great way to help us keep our parish staff and volunteers safe. Thank you, again!


I would also like for you to reflect on Have you witnessed an act of service that positively affected you or your faith community? If so, please share!


You may submit your responses online by visiting You may also read the comments from parishioners across our Archdiocese and watch an inspirational video. I look forward to reading your responses and sharing them in the coming weeks.


sample script 



Good morning, afternoon, evening! As you may have heard at Mass the last few weekends we have been actively paving Our Path Forward through our stewardship initiative. We kicked off two weeks ago.  Last weekend we held Commitment Weekend where we collected your thoughtful commitments.


It is appropriate that this week’s stewardship theme is Our People. Throughout history Catholics have been leaders in generosity, service to the poor, and sharing God’s grace. We feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, poor and vulnerable, as well as provide spiritual guidance to all. As Catholics we understand that giving back is a way of life. 


Our parish, our people, embody the true spirit of stewardship, of giving back. I am excited to share with you that we received a wonderful outpouring of support and many parishioners approached me after Mass to tell me about their own experiences of the positive impact our parish has had in their lives.


  • I would like to briefly share with you some of the responses we received: (Share responses)


  • Thank you! The great works of our parish would not be possible without all of our combined financial support.


  • If you did not have the opportunity to participate last weekend, there is still time!


  • I would ask everyone who is able to consider setting up your sacrificial gifts online. Giving online is easy, convenient and safe. We have had the current system in place for ??? years and have not had any issues. This opportunity to give online also is very convenient for the office, as the processing of gifts requires less time and resources. It is a great way to continue to support our mission even when you are unable to attend Mass because of vacations, illness, unexpected life events, etc…


  • Also as we navigate the new guidelines for safely processing offertory contributions giving online is a safer way to support the parish. It allows us to have less paper and cash to process.  The guidelines for processing cash and checks is pretty extensive. We would ultimately, even though I know it isn’t likely to be 100%, would like to be working towards becoming paperless.


  • For those who are already using online giving – thank you for contributing regularly and helping us to reduce the amount of paper we process. Please take a moment to log into your account and increase your gift.


Thank you for your commitment to our parish and to our greater mission. I commit to keeping you updated about our success with this effort and the stewardship of our parish. There will be a weekly/monthly update in our bulletin in the Stewardship corner. A place in our bulletin where we can celebrate our Path Forward and see how our contributions impact our parish.


I would also like for you to reflect on Have you witnessed an act of service that positively affected you or your faith community? If so, please share via I have enjoyed the engagement of your responses. It has really made crystal clear for me the immeasurable effect we have on each other. You are truly inspirational.


Please join me in praying for our people, for those who are suffering, for those who have lost loved ones, for those who are struggling spiritually, for those who are facing financial struggles. May we together provide for our people on their path.