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week 2 Overview


The purpose of commitment weekend is to secure commitments from parishioners

to the parish offertory and to engage parishioners in highlighting the parish's

positive impact on its parishioners and community at large. 


Be sure to:

  • Redistribute OPF materials

  • Speak more specifically about the mission/vision of the parish and how it is carried out

  •  Highlight positive aspects of the parish – encourage parishioners to join you in doing so by answering a few questions about the parish's impact on their lives

  • Explain how important it is for the parish to continue to carry out its mission which is not possible without the support of it’s parish family

  • Request parishioners return the OPF commitment form in-pew or to the parish office

  • Encourage online giving and planned giving

  • Express gratitude for their support



Each fall, as a parish community, we embrace a season of giving and come together as a unified people to help strengthen our parish, its ministries, and charitable outreach efforts, by pledging our support for weekly Offertory. 


No matter where you are on the stewardship path – from considering making a gift, to giving sacrificially – we are grateful you are part of our community.  Over this last week, I hope you had the opportunity to pray about how you can best support our parish.


During Mass this coming weekend, I’ll be asking each of you to join me in making a new or renewed commitment.  Or, if you prefer to make your “contactless” commitment now, please visit


If you are considering a legacy gift, please connect with our parish office.


Thank you!


sample script 


(Presented by the Pastor at each Mass)

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path.”


In this passage from Psalms 119:105, we are reminded of the plain and simple truth that the Lord and our trust in Him will and must always lead our way. As Catholics who embrace our faith, we constantly strive to answer Jesus’ call, echoed by our Holy Father, to be missionary disciples and to seek to be lights brightly visible within our own communities. Whether our faith in the Living Christ is carrying us through times we celebrate or those that challenge us, we commit to caring for our neighbors in need as Our Lord repeatedly and plainly asks.


Each fall, as a parish community, we embrace a season of giving and come together as a unified people to help strengthen our parish, its ministries, and charitable outreach efforts, by pledging our support for weekly Offertory. We cannot accomplish all that Our Lord asks of us as missionary disciples without first pooling our collective resources so that we can maximize their beneficial impact. It is an awkward reality to have to state, but our parish operations and good works, upon which so many in our community rely, depend on our Offertory program and your support of it.  


Last weekend we began our annual stewardship initiative with a focus on Our Path Forward – the 2022 Offertory Program.  


This week, I invite each one of us, including myself, to look beyond the physical gifts we make to see how our generosity is allowing us to fulfill our mission, ultimately transforming and impacting our community and those around us in ways we may never see.  


Please prayerfully consider how your commitment to Offertory can empower a positive

transformation in our community, nourishing our parish community of faith and fulfilling our

call to extend Christ’s light into the world.


Are you an occasional giver?

If so, could you consider becoming a regular contributor by giving weekly or monthly.

Are you already a faithful giver?

If so, could you consider advancing a step forward on your stewardship path?


Increasing your weekly offertory gift will make an immediate impact on our ministries and day-to-day operations, but there are other ways you can support our parish and ministries too.  Making a legacy gift could support our parish in perpetuity. Additionally, over the years, parishioners who included (Parish name) as a beneficiary of a will, trust, life insurance, and/or financial account have been a blessing for us. These types of gifts can have a major impact on our ministries, and we are eternally grateful for those that remember (Parish Name) in their legacy planning.


  • At this time, I ask you to join me in your stewardship journey by completing your commitment. You should find a card in the pew. It looks like this, (HOLD UP CARD). You can fill out this year’s commitment card two ways. You may scan the QR code on the back of the commitment flyer and proceed to click on our parish, which will take you directly to our giving page.  If you prefer, you can also fill out your commitment on the bottom of the information flyer.  Please fill it out the card,  and tear off the bottom part and we will collect it in a bit.  


  • As I continue to speak, feel free to start your commitment.


  • As you complete your commitment to benefit our parish and our mission, please keep in mind that I am asking everyone who is able to do so to consider an incremental increase. By doing so, each one of our incremental contributions will collectively make a huge impact on our ability to thrive as a parish and facilitate our many ministries and programs.


  • I know there are those who may not be able to do so right now. You are in our prayers. I understand. This message does not apply to anyone who currently has obligations that far outweigh their capacity. Please fill out the commitment and let us know that you support the parish and are committed to actively helping us carry out our mission in any other way you can.


  • It is easy to set up a weekly, recurring gift through our safe, convenient online giving system and great way to benefit our parish. Once you set up online giving, you can stop using envelopes!  


  • Thank you to those who have already set up “contactless” commitments through (Faith Direct/GiveCentral, etc.)  Your thoughtful planning has helped us stabilize offertory, and allowed us to better prepare our parish budget. Please take a moment to log into your account and increase your gift if you are able.


  • On behalf of the Parish staff, the Pastoral Council and the Finance Council, thank you for your support of Our Path Forward and any other initiatives you have been able to assist.


  • (if applicable: Please place your paper card in the basket that will be passed now.)


In closing, please be assured that finding new ways for our parish to fulfill its purpose of helping to light the path of Christ is always at the foremost of my thoughts.

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