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Week 2


The purpose of commitment weekend is to secure commitments from parishioners to the parish offertory as well as to engage parishioners in highlighting the positive impact the parish has on it’s parishioners and community at large. 


Be sure to:

  • Redistribute OPF informational Flyer (in person, online, email, webpage etc…)

  • Speak more specifically about the mission/vision of the parish and how it is carried out

  •  Highlight positive aspects of the parish – encourage parishioners to join you in doing so by answering a few questions about the parishes impact on their lives

  • Explain how important it is for the parish to continue to carry out it’s mission which is not possible without the support of it’s parish family

  • Request parishioners return the OPF commitment form (online or mail – if possible can return in pew)

  • Provide direct link to OPF landing page and encourage online giving

  • Again Express gratitude for their support

Social Media Post 


Theme – Our Purpose

Question – How will you purposefully engage and support your parish community?

Record a brief message and release along with the following:



It is Commitment Weekend for Our Path Forward stewardship initiative! We ask that each parish household submit a sacrificial commitment to our parish ministry and mission.


You may also make your commitment online or log onto ______________ to set up your online commitment.


In the meantime I would also like for you to reflect on How will you purposefully engage and support your parish community?


You may submit your responses online by visiting You may also read the comments from parishioners across our Archdiocese and watch an inspirational video. I look forward to reading your responses and sharing them in the coming weeks.


sample script 


(Presented by the Pastor at each Mass)


Good morning/afternoon/evening!  Last weekend I kicked off our annual stewardship initiative with a focus on Our Path Forward, specifically our Path, our course, weathering the impact Covid has had on our community. This week I’d like to focus on Our Purpose. It is our purpose that drives us as a faith community. Our community, our mission and our vision is what defines us.  Our mission is to (insert parish mission/vision.) Elaborate a bit on how as a parish you carry out or fulfill that mission.


Universally as Catholics in the Archdiocese of Baltimore we are called by God to be a welcoming, worshipping community of faith, hope and love. As missionary disciples our mission is to be a light brightly visible; to evangelize, to celebrate our faith, to be of service to others, to educate and to be faithful stewards. 


I encourage each one of us to look beyond the physical gifts we make to see how our generosity is allowing us to fulfill our mission, ultimately transforming and impacting our community and those around us in ways we may never see. As I stated last week our primary aim of our annual focus on offertory and stewardship is not solely to finance our parish’s operating budget, but to change lives. And, we do just that here at ____________ !



  • As I promised last week I would like to share with you some of the responses we received from you on how our parish has positively impacted you and your spiritual journey. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I read each one and really solidified with me that together we are living out our purpose.

  • (Read a few responses or consider having an active member of the parish who is charismatic give a brief testimonial about impact the parish has in their life. Also to read some of the responses received from the previous weekend.)

  • What a phenomenal testimony and what inspirational examples you have shared. Thank you _____ for sharing with us today. As you can see our mission in action is having an enormously positive impact.


  • Now, I invite you to join me in your stewardship journey by completing your commitment.  (if allowable at the time direct parishioners to are extra envelopes in the pews or direct parishioners to the website where they can fill out a commitment.)


  • As I continue to speak, feel free to go online and fill out your commitment.


  • As you complete your commitment to benefit our parish and our mission, please keep in mind that I am asking everyone who is able to do so to consider an incremental increase. By doing so, each one of our incremental contributions will collectively make a huge impact on our ability to thrive as a parish and facilitate our many ministries and programs.


  • I know there are those who may not be able to do so right now. You are in our prayers. I understand. This message does not apply to anyone who currently has obligations that far outweigh their capacity. Please fill out the commitment and let us know that you support the parish and are committed to actively helping us carry out our mission in any other way you can.


  • As we navigate the new guidelines for safely processing offertory contributions I ask that if you are able, please consider online giving. It is a safe and convenient way to give allowing us to have less of a volume of paper and cash to process. The guidelines for processing cash and checks is pretty extensive. We would ultimately, even though I know it isn’t likely to be 100%, would like to be working towards becoming paperless. We have a convenient way to set up your offertory online (include link).


  • For those who are already using online giving – thank you for contributing regularly and helping us to reduce the amount of paper we process. Please take a moment to log into your account and increase your gift.


  • I would also ask that as part of this exercise that you prayerfully consider How will you purposefully engage and support your parish community?


  • I look forward to reading and sharing your responses in the coming weeks. You may log onto to share your responses as well as to make your commitment to our mission.


  • On behalf of the Parish staff, the Pastoral Council and the Finance Council, thank you for helping us pave Our Path Forward.


  • (if applicable: Please place your envelope in the basket that will be passed now.)


I will close with my commitment to you that I will reflect regularly on the positive ways in which our parish continues to fulfill its purpose and mission. I will be more aware of and grateful for the impact of our combined sacrifices and how they facilitate our mission into action.  No one person could provide everything this parish needs but together as a community, we can thrive.  The Lord has given us to one another.  Let us accept our mutual responsibilities with gratitude and joy.  As the psalm says, “How good it is and how pleasant, where brethren dwell at one! For there the Lord has pronounced his blessing, life forever.”