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Week 1



(Prior to Wknd 1 – mail out introductory materials)

Kick off stewardship initiative. The theme for the weekend is Our Path. This is an opportunity to discuss where the parish is and how you plan to chart your path forward.


Be sure to:

  • Announce the beginning of Our Path Forward

  • Distribute OPF informational Flyer (in person, online, email, webpage etc…)

  • Give a brief summary of what has transpired the last few months (financial        summary)

  • Express gratitude for their support during this difficult time

  • Lay out a positive plan for how the parish community can move forward from here

  • Be very specific about what you are asking for - State the goal and upcoming in-pew weekends

  • Outline the need – encourage those that are able to prayerfully consider increasing their offertory contributions

  • Be sure to encourage online giving

  • Ask parishioners to engage in answering the following question – How has your Catholic Community inspired you on your spiritual path?

  • Provide direct link to OPF landing page for giving and to submit input

Social Media Post 


Theme – Our Path


Question – How has your Catholic community inspired you on your spiritual path? 

(This question can be answered in the comment section or at


Record a brief message and release along with the following:



This week we kick off our annual stewardship initiative.  Our Path Forward is the fitting theme for this year. It has been a challenging year for us all. I do not enter into stewardship lightly. I know that there may be those of you that have been impacted in ways I am not aware. If there is any way the parish can assist, please reach out. However, in order to continue the outreach and engagement our community is known for I must ask,  as in past years, parish members THAT ARE ABLE to prayerfully reflect on their annual offertory gifts and to continue on the path of your personal stewardship journey.


This is a necessary opportunity for us all to support our parish ministries and mission. I am requesting each one of us take an active role in prayerfully practicing the principle of stewardship; giving back a portion of our blessings to God. If you are not able to do so I ask that you continue to pray for the success of our community and to consider giving back the gift of your time to one of our many valued ministries.


On (Insert Commitment Weekend Date), you will be asked to pledge your commitment.  Please pray about your participation.


In the meantime I would also like for you to reflect on How has your Catholic community inspired you on your spiritual path?


You may submit your responses online by visiting

You may also read the comments from parishioners across our Archdiocese and watch an inspirational video. I look forward to reading your responses and sharing them in the coming weeks.


sample script 

Good morning/afternoon/evening!  Over the next few weekends I will be sharing with you the impact your offertory contributions have on our parish, how we put your generous contributions to work and how you can continue to support our Mission here at ______________. Our Path Forward – Our Path, Our Purpose, Our People is the fitting theme I will be focusing on this year. But,


 First, I would like to start by saying Thank You!

  • Thank you for being a part of our community, our family

  • Thank you for joining us every weekend in prayer and worship – even online as we’ve not been able to meet in person. More than _____ households on average watched our livestream Masses!

  • Thank you for participating in ministry and outreach – we have some of the most generous and hardworking volunteers

  • Thank you for providing the resources to make all this happen.

  • (if you feel comfortable doing so insert a joke…Thank you for sitting through my long homilies)


I do not tell you enough how appreciative I am, how grateful we all are of your commitment and involvement, which impacts our parish in more ways than I even have the time to discuss during Mass. Thank you.


Each year, typically in the fall, we discuss “stewardship.” Although I know this is a necessary conversation that must be had, this year is particularly more difficult to do so. I am sensitive to the fact that there are those of you who may still be experiencing negative impacts of the disruption of the Covid virus in ways I am not aware. Please know that I pray for you and if there is anything our community can do to help, please reach out.


Fittingly this year’s theme is Our Path Forward. Our parish community was in essence physically shut down for an extended period of time. Understandably during this time period we saw a disruption in offertory contributions (as evidenced in the financial report released by our Finance Committee.)  On the surface the dollars mean nothing as we were practicing caution and trying to not put any of our parish households in harms way. Protecting our community was our first priority. However, we now face the reality that many of our programs, ministries, and ability to evangelize, minister, and fully function as a thriving faith community are at risk.


Because of your generosity and contributions of time and of your varying talents, during any given week together we:

  • we bring shelter to the homeless,

  • sanctuary to the refugee,

  • communion and companionship to the prisoner,

  • provide a safe haven for our young adults,

  • And come together as a community in worship.


So, as your pastor I am asking those of you who ARE ABLE to do so to join me on Our Path Forward; to secure our faith community, together we can continue to pave a way, to be a light brightly visible to the most vulnerable, and to be the spiritual nourishment that many need right now.


The primary aim of our annual focus on offertory and stewardship is not solely to finance our parish’s operating budget, but to change lives. And, we do just that here at ____________ !

Your gratitude, generosity and love for others is prevalent in everything we do as a parish family. I see the good God’s people do when we work together. For this reason, I ask for your prayerful contributions to God’s work, so that we can continue to do these things, and to do them more abundantly. 

Giving a portion of our resources empowers transformation. Please review this year’s flyer and prayerfully consider supporting and emboldening our mission.

Your support of our parish is a real way to effect change, to give back, to help someone you may never meet or know, to support our valuable ministries, and to say “thank you” to the Lord for his many blessings.  I am not asking you to make this decision now, but to take some time over the next week to prayerfully consider what your level of financial support will be and to be prepared to make your commitment by next weekend.


I would also ask that as part of this exercise that you prayerfully consider How has your Catholic community inspired you on your spiritual path?


I look forward to reading and sharing your responses in the coming weeks. You may log onto to share your responses as well as to make your commitment to our mission.


Thank you in advance for giving our ministries the resources to transform lives at our church, in our local community, across Maryland, and around the globe.