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Hiking Trail


  • Choose a 3 weekend block to implement Our Path Forward

  • Be Sure your ONLINE DONATIONS buttons and forms on website are visible & easy to access

  • Test your giving platform to ensure parishioners can set up recurring monthly or weekly contributions

  • Work with your Regional Director to Develop any physical collateral materials needed

  • Pre-Record announcements for all 3 weekends (to be emailed, posted on social media, website, etc..)

  • Prepare for distribution 3-5 diverse emails and/or flocknotes and/or social media posts incorporating OPF logo as well as giving links

  • Forward written and recorded announcements to the appropriate individual for distribution

  • If possible, secure a speaker for Announcement or Follow-Up Weekend (include in pre-recorded videos)

  • Work with your regional director to, if necessary, compile an initial mailing to be sent

  • If offertory has been significantly impacted consider also implementing some of the strategies outlined in the Pre Optional OPF strategies.

Trail in Woods
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